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Doggy Daycare and Day Play

Does your dog or puppy have too much energy when you get home from a long day at work? If so, Sydney's Doggie Day Care in Wichita is the perfect place to bring your rambunctious pooch to have fun in a safe environment. Our day care staff ensures your best friend is cared for and that they have a howlin' good time!

Pets need daily exercise and socialization to thrive, and we can help fill that need. At doggy day care, your pet can release pent-up energy that would normally be saved for you when you arrive home. Physiological benefits of day care include weight control, muscle toning, increased cardio and repository heath and better mental health. Thru socialization, your pet can blossom into a non-aggressive happy, healthy pet.

Destructive and mischievous tendencies are often caused by long periods of boredom and isolation. Unacceptable behaviors such as hyperactivity, restlessness, jumping, licking and chewing can easily be corrected in our day care program. With exercise and attention to each pet, bad behavior can be deterred and playtime used as a "retraining" tool.

Pets separated by size and temperament. Small and large dogs are never mixed unless specifically requested by the owner. Our Wichita Doggy Day Care has very strict rules on staff to pet ratio. Please book well in advance to ensure your spot is reserved.

Please note that we do not allow first time guests to stay on "discount days" as this is not a good time to introduce a new dog in a group setting. We offer an hourly "day stay" rate for people who need just a few hours to get their dog out of the house or to run errands. Please call for more information on our day play services.

Daycare Hours

8am - 11:30am
12:30pm - 4pm

The one hour break in the middle of the day is our nap time. The nap time is incredibly important in our daycare schedule as many of our clients bring lunch for their pups and we need all dogs to be separate while eating. If the dogs were to play for 12 hours straight without a meal they would often get sick. Most importantly dogs really do need their nap time in the middle of playing. Dogs are very similar to toddlers and if they don't get a break from the constant wrestling and playing they can get very cranky and the risk of aggression becomes much higher. Instead, after some rest to recharge, they go back out ready and excited to play as opposed to getting annoyed and lashing out.

If dogs are here from 8am-4pm, as many are, they get 7 hours of play time and 1 hour for resting, eating and recharging. If dogs are here from open to close then they get 7 hours of play time and 5 hours of resting. We understand how this may turn some clients away, however our daycare schedule allows us to make sure dogs are staying healthy as well as keeping the chance of aggression very low making sure our daycare if happy and fun for all of our sweet pups.

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